This is a new product for 2010 and was in response to customer demand. We think this is the best beetroot relish in the market. We taste-tested more than 30 trial batches before being satisfied with the recipe.

We have retained the rich earthy beetroot flavour and texture and introduced a complex slightly tangy, slightly sweet and overall glistening relish.

We keep surprising ourselves with the variety of dishes that Beetroot Relish can be served with. It goes especially well with cheese, chicken and lamb - the kids will love it too.



​Cheese Plate

Doodles Creek Beetroot relish is great with your favorite cheese. We suggest Rockfort, a tangy blue cheese, Brie and a Parmgiano Regiano. Always remember to serve your cheese warm, especially the soft cheeses like Brie to bring out the flavours. We enjoy cheese with thinly sliced baguettes but it is also great on crackers.

Dollop some Beetroot Relish on top - the rich earthy texture and tangy aftertaste brings out the best in the cheese.



Serving Suggestion​​

Lamb Cutlets with Beetroot Relish