This classic French sauce is one of my favourites. The taste and aroma of Tarragon and slight acid from the white wine vinegar make a perfect partner to roast beef or BBQ steak.



Perfect BBQ beef fillet
1.5kg serves 12 – 15 people

Make sure the meat has been taken out of the fridge for at least 1 – 2 hours before cooking. Keep it covered on the bench.

Heat the BBQ to hot or 300 degrees or more. Clean the BBQ thoroughly when hot.

Rub the meat with some Canola Oil and season with Sea Salt and Pepper.

Place the meat on the BBQ and seal the meat on either side.

Turn the BBQ to low – medium low and put the lid down. Cook for 30 minutes for rare to medium rare, 40 minutes for medium and 50 minutes for well done.

The great thing about a fillet is that you can cook it for 30 minutes and those wanting their meat a little more well done can eat the meat from the narrow end of the fillet.

​​​Take the meat off the BBQ and rest it for 15 minutes, wrapped in foil on a carving board.

Serve this wonderful meat with some delicious Doodles Creek Béarnaise Sauce.


Use the leftovers to make a delicious light lunch or snack. Open roast beef sandwich with watercress, Doodles Creek Bearnaise sauce and baby tomatoes.